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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)?

A GPO combines the buying power of all our members, making it possible for each of our members to have lower pricing because of the large group’s power to negotiate discounts with top vendors.

Is there a long-term contract?

You do have to turn in an application, giving Carepoint authority to connect you to the contracts we have available.  There may be additional paperwork if you are already connected to a different GPO, or if required by a specific vendor (i.e. credit application) but, you are not committing to a term.  You may leave Carepoint at any time.

Will my purchasing process change if I join Carepoint?

No, Carepoint will let your contracted vendors know that you are now a Carepoint member.  We will work with these vendors to connect you to our contracts. The only change in the way you are currently purchasing will be the price of the products you order!

How much can I expect to save?

  • If you are not currently on a GPO:
  • Approximately 10-17% on medical/surgical supplies
  • Approximately 8-19% on office supplies/equipment
  • Approximately 9-20% on laboratory supplies/services
  • Approximately 6-17% on pharmaceuticals
  • If you are on a GPO already:
  • An additional 4-10% on medical/surgical supplies
  • An additional 2-8% on office supplies/equipment
  • An additional 5-9% on laboratory supplies/services
  • An additional 3-6% on pharmaceuticals
  • With more than 2500 contracts, there are many more areas of saving

What information will Carepoint need to get me started?

Completed Carepoint Application Form

If you are a medical provider, we need:

Copy of DEA certificate

Copy of provider medical license

A current 6-month usage report from your medical suppliers

AP Report (Current vendor list) – we will review the report and provide you with:

Which vendors you are using that we have contracts with that you can be linked to for savings

Recommendations of vendor changes for more cost savings

How do I make the most out of my Carepoint membership?

  • Call Carepoint anytime you have:
    • A question about supplies or services
    • You are looking to change vendors or products
    • There is a change in key office staff, we need updated contacts & emails
    • Change in address
    • Change in Clinic Name
    • A new location is added
    • Buy new items, equipment, or have major purchases

(we can review vendors and contracts for deals)

    • Looking to build an office (we have contracts)
    • Need a review of accounts