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Vaccines are one of the largest expenses for a pediatric office and a significant expense for other primary care offices as well.

Carepoint’s contracts from vaccines some of our most popular.  Your office can purchase the vaccines you need at a significant discount while ordering directly from the manufacturer. We also have some rebates program for additional savings beyond our already low, on-invoice prices.

Carepoint currently offers vaccine purchasing programs through Sanofi Pasteur, Merck, Pfizer, and GSK. We also offer flu vaccine contracts with Sanofi Pasteur and AstraZeneca.

As a Carepoint member you simplify your vaccine ordering process because you get the best price every time you place an order. There are no purchasing minimums. You do not spend time trying to find the “latest deal” from different distributors. Instead, you can be assured that you are getting the best overall prices through Carepoint.

Why are Carepoint prices so much lower?

We negotiate the prices as a group.  Our combined buying of vaccines, along with our loyalty programs to the manufacturers, allow Carepoint to obtain lower prices.

For more information on specific vaccines, please visit:

Carepoint’s vaccine contracts, combined with our other 2000+ agreements, give your clinic the best pricing to reduce your overhead and focus on patient care. Find out how we can help your practice save money.

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